Software Update: Maxthon

Version 4.4.2 of Maxthon has been released. This web browser uses the Trident or WebKit engine to display web pages, but has its own interface with many additional features. functionality, including mouse gestures and online bookmarks. By default, the WebKit engine used by Apple Safari and Google Chrome is used to render pages, but support for Internet Explorer’s Trident engine is also provided. It is easy to switch between the two engines.

The main change in version 4.2.0 is that the Blink core being used. This split-off and simplification of the WebCore component from WebKit, which is used by, among others, Google Chrome from version 28 and by Opera from version 15, promises, among other things, better performance. Since version 4.4.1, the following changes and improvements have been made:

New features:

  • Added “Hide Quick Access page” option
  • Block by Click
  • Website Mosaic Internal Sorting
  • Quick Access Apps Add feature UI
  • The New Quick Access


  • Adjusted Quick access search widget News gathering mechanism.
  • Optimized Sidebar Search efficiency
  • Optimized Quick Access performance
  • Improved Night mode
  • Optimized Quick Access performance

Bug fixes:

  • Crashing problems that occur when restoring trash items
  • Quick access might reset User’s data

Main Frame

  • Cloud push window displays a half when receiving cloud pushed message from phone to PC
  • Using the keyboard to switch search engine in search box is not effective
  • Fixed some Quick Access Data Loss Problems
  • In some cases, Skynote can’t open
  • Optimized Toolbar. You can add plug-in toolbar ICONS
  • In some cases, the editing rules are not saved
  • Anomaly on the activation state for main window in some situation
  • The site rules still works after directly deleting them in certain cases

Web Kit Core

  • Unable to exit screenshot by pressing ESC
  • An anomaly occurs when searching in the page with backspace sometimes
  • Unable to visit certain domain names, such as ‘.club’ etc.
  • UA leads to the failure to visit certain website in some cases

The following downloads are available:
Maxthon Browser for Windows
Maxthon Browser for Windows, portable
Maxthon Browser 4.2.3 for OS X
Maxthon Browser for Linux
Maxthon Browser 4.5.6 for iOS
Maxthon Browser for Android
Maxthon Browser for Windows Phone

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, iOS, Windows 8
Website Maxthon
License type Freeware