Software Update: Mantis 0.19.4

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In addition to a new development version, the developers of the Mantis Bug Tracker have also maintained the stable branch of Mantis. Mantis uses PHP and MySQL to report user bugs, tweaks, and feature requests related to your website, weblog, forum, and other types of scripts. In version 0.19.4 of the stable branch, only security vulnerabilities have been fixed, including an exploit in the user page and the file uploader. The changelog lists exactly which exploits have been fixed:

This maintenance release includes the following fixes:

  • #0006419: [security] File Upload Vulnerability
  • #0006420: [security] Injection Vulnerabilities in Filters
  • #0006457: [security] SQL Injection in manage user page
  • #0006460: [security] HTTP Header CRLF Injection
  • #0006486: [security] Port XSS Vulnerability in filters

Version number 0.19.4
Website Mantis Bug Tracker
License type GPL
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