Software Update: MailEnable Standard 1.92

MailEnable Standard is a freeware application that makes it easy to set up a mail server. Support for POP3, SMTP and a List server is present and equipped with an extensive management application with which everything can be set up down to the last detail. All available functions are displayed this page clearly displayed and here can you see a screenshot of the management application. Version 1.92 has been released by the development team with the following changes:

This update is primarily a maintenance release.

  • Changed: Delivery delay and failure messages changed to make them easier to understand
  • Fixed: Sending to unmoderated password protected lists was not working
  • Fixed: Mask matching for access control and relaying may allow invalid relays/connections
  • Fixed: Diagnostic Utility was indicating that the installation was under evaluation
  • Fixed: Require PTR record option for SMTP may reject a sender if there was a DNS failure
  • Fixed: NDRs weren’t being sent as null sender
  • Fixed: SMTP service could use up handles
  • Fixed: SMTP could bounce delayed messages
  • Fixed: Diagnostics Utility could crash halfway through with certain permission settings on registry keys it checks
  • Fixed: If an MX record was not a valid domain (even if the recipient domain was) the SMTP was retrying instead of failing
  • Fixed: SMTP option requiring inbound connections to have valid domain was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Requiring inbound connections to have valid domain would put lines in SMTP Debug log which could be confused for outbound sending
  • Fixed: SMTP Catchalls were not populating the Account property in the command files

Version number 1.92
Operating systems Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Mail Enable
File size


License type Freeware
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