Software update: Linux kernel 2.5.3

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Hans writes: “Linux kernel 2.5.3 has been released. The extensive changelog can be found at this link


– Doug Ledford: i810 audio driver update

– Evgeniy Polyakov: update various SCSI drivers to new locking

– David Howells: syscall latency improvement, try 2

– Francois Romieu: dscc4 driver update

– Patrick Mochel: driver model fixes

– Andrew Morton: clean up a few details in ext3 inode initialization

– Pete Wyckoff: make x86 machine check print out right address..

– Hans Reiser: reiserfs update

– Richard Gooch: devfs update

– Greg KH: USB updates

– Dave Jones: PNPBIOS

– Nathan Scott: extended attributes

– Corey Minyard: clean up zlib duplication (triplication..)


– Asit Mallick: mtrr update

– Patrick Mochel: split up kernel/device.c into drivers/base

– Mikael Pettersson/Al Viro: fix missing in-core inode initialization

in ext2 introduced by Al’s inode trimming

– David Miller: sparc and network updates

– Frank Davis: firewire video mmap page remapping fix

– me: fix configure help scripts to fix breakage noticed by Dave Jones

– Greg KH: USB updates

– Kai Germaschewski: ISDN fixes, entries

– Douglas Gilbert: SCSI doc update

– Ingo Molnar: x86 taskswitch optimizations, scheduler updates

– Mikael Pettersson: make APIC work on old external setups

– Al Viro: more inode trimming


– Patrick Mochel: devicefs locking cleanups, refcount fixes

– Brian Gerst: apic timer cleanup

– Adam Richter: fix loop over block device bio breakage, ipfwadm compile fix

– me: split up about the subdirectories where it is used

– Peter Anvin: Boot Proto v2.03

– Jeff Garzik: net driver updates

– NIIBE Yutaka: SuperH Update


– Patrick Mochel: init call levels

– Patrick Mochel: devicefs updates, add PCI devices into the hierarchy

– Denis Oliver Kropp: neomagic fb driver

– David Miller: sparc64 and network updates

– Kai Mäkisara: scsi tape update

– Al Viro: more inode trimming, VFS cleanup

– Greg KH: USB update – proper urb allocations

– Eric Raymond: kdev_t updates for fb devices


– Al Viro: VFS inode allocation moved down to filesystem, trim inodes

– Greg KH: USB update, hotplug documentation

– Kai Germaschewski: ISDN update

– Ingo Molnar: scheduler tweaking (“J2”)

– Arnaldo: emu10k kdev_t updates

– Ben Collins: firewire updates

– Björn Wesen: Cris arch update

– Hal Duston: ps2esdi driver bio/kdev_t fixes

– Jean Tourrilhes: move wireless drivers into drivers/net/wireless,

update wireless API #1

– Richard Gooch: devfs race fix

– OGAWA Hirofumi: FATFS Update


– David Howells: abstract out “current->need_resched” as “need_resched()”

– Frank Davis: ide tape update for bio

– various: header file fixups

– Jens Axboe: fix up bio/ide/highmem issues

– Kai Germaschewski: ISDN update

– Greg KH: USB and Compaq PCI hotplug updates

– Tim Waugh: parport update


– Al Viro: fix up silly problem in swapfile filp cleanups in 2.5.2

– Tachino Nobuhiro: fix another error return for swapfile filp code

– Robert Love: merge some of Ingo’s scheduler fixes

– David Miller: networking, sparc and some scsi driver fixes

– Tim Waugh: parport update

– OGAWA Hirofumi: fatfs cleanups and bug fixes

– Roland Dreier: fix vsscanf buglets.

– Ben LaHaise: include file cleanup

– Andre Hedrick: IDE task file update

Version number 2.5.3
Operating systems Linux, Linux x86
Website The Linux Kernel Archives
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