Software update: Linux kernel 2.4.22

Although the new Linux Kernel stable series, 2.6.x, is already in beta, work on Kernel version 2.4.x is still in progress. The result of that hard work is a new version of the OS, numbered 2.4.22. The release is in fact the fourth release candidate for this version, which apparently no longer contained any obvious bugs. Marcelo Tossatti on Linux Today summarizes the changelog for the latest update as follows:


  • Fix drivers/net/ -> CONFIG_TC35815
  • Changed EXTRAVERSION to -rc4

Andi Kleen:

  • Fix x86-64 ia32 emulation

Paul Mackerras:

  • PPC32: Make strncpy clear the unused part of the destination
  • PPC32: Make sure various sections get aligned properly by the linker

Ralf Bachle:

  • dep_tristate fix for CONFIG_TC35815

[break]The new kernel is here from the nearby Trueserver mirror. The die-hards who want to go through the changelog completely have to here to be.

Version number2.4.22
Operating systemsLinux
License typeGPL