Software Update: LibreOffice 6.4.4

The Document Foundation has released version 6.4.4 of LibreOffice. This open source office package originated as an offshoot of OpenOffice and comes with the word processor Writer, spreadsheet program Calc, presentation program Impress, drawing program Draw, database program Base and Formula, an application for making scientific notations.

In version 6.4 Among other things, we see performance improvements in Impress and Calc when opening and saving documents and the compatibility of Microsoft Office documents has been further improved. The complete release notes are up this page to find. Version 6.4.4 had two release candidates, in which a total of 98 improvements have been made.

Bugs fixed in 6.4.4 (rc1):

  • orz#21385 SwFltAnchor FrameFormat deleted
  • rhbz#1820868 [abrt] libreoffice-core: SvxSearchDialogWrapper::GetSearchLabel()(): soffice.bin killed by SIGSEGV
  • tdf#32489 sifr: Fix for missing tiny DB actions icons
  • tdf#32490 sifr Dark: Missing Set Reminder icons
  • tdf#78749 [FILEOPEN]: DOCX import filter loses the frame’s (object’s) background bitmap
  • tdf#89901 Insertion of DXF image fail to produce a correct image
  • tdf#91565 REPORT BUILDER: Missing insert field icon in Add Field dialog
  • tdf#91818 UI: Start Center Recent Files allows mouse wheel scroll when there is no scroll bar
  • tdf#99185 [UI] Breeze, elementary, Sifr and Sukapura icons for Form Folder and Form is identical
  • tdf#100751 FILEOPEN: Arrows in docx files sometimes rendered in reverse direction
  • tdf#104565 FILEOPEN DOCX: Positioning of arrows is off in LO (after round trip)
  • tdf#119087 FILESAVE PPTX: PowerPoint wants to repair the file after roundtrip and cannot open it
  • tdf#119187 FILEOPEN Top-aligned text in PPTX becomes bottom-aligned
  • tdf#122491 Classification: dialog (Paragraph) Classification doesn’t show previously chosen classification
  • tdf#123346 FILESAVE | DOCX, Arrows head style changes when saving in LO
  • tdf#125510 Sifr: Missing icons within Impress’ Display Views drop down box
  • tdf#125779 Elementary: Object hands are too faint
  • tdf#126828 Variables having assigned objects from closed components pretend to still be valid. Attempts to inspect them in the IDE cause crashes.
  • tdf#127109 EDITING Deletion of text creates undo entry: “Delete $1”
  • tdf#127606 DOCX imported numbered item formatting not reflected when removed
  • tdf#127782 New Print dialog is too high
  • tdf#128200 Wrong translations of formula function names and identifiers
  • tdf#128689 Request to Localize More Formatting Icons into Korean UI
  • tdf#129095 FILEOPEN: Chart is not displayed
  • tdf#129372 FILEOPEN: PPTX: CRASH: File format error found at SfxBaseModel::storeToStorage: 0x20d(row,col) – works w/ PowerPoint 2013
  • tdf#130310 Sidebar Icon not loaded/Shown from sidebar.xcu “IconURL”
  • tdf#130583 switch() gives “wrong data type” error on reordering value-result pairs
  • tdf#130685 CRASH: after pasting and undoing (change tracking involved)
  • tdf#130864 Sifr: Slide transition icons on Impress Sidebar aren’t black&white
  • tdf#130898 Sifr: Missing Large (128px) for The Start Center’s Recent File
  • tdf#131004 Unstable paint of writer consecutive section frames
  • tdf#131147 Assert: Undoing deletion ( don’t store redline ExtraData during Undo )
  • tdf#131169 Function wizard not correctly using the Add-In category
  • tdf#131190 Can’t delete pagestyle in Calc
  • tdf#131193 Impress File saved as .ppt (Powerpoint 97-2003) in 6.4 doesn’t open in MS Powerpoint Viewer and Protected View in MSO
  • tdf#131209 Print preview bar in tabbed notebookbar does not appear dynamically
  • tdf#131221 Draw : pullwown menu for Line Width (line thickness) is empty
  • tdf#131254 Advance Timing Setting doesn’t work correctly
  • tdf#131372 FILESAVE XLSX Paste special of #N/A formula result result gives in Err:520 in Calc after reload
  • tdf#131399 Java settings not updated after slight version change
  • tdf#131423 Function Wizard in Calc allows too many parameters
  • tdf#131442 Sorting breaks array formula
  • tdf#131446 Fileopen DOCX: 1 ​​page opens as 3
  • tdf#131490 Libreoffice Writer table content in Chinese upside down
  • tdf#131496 Presentation opens slower than before
  • tdf#131533 Qt5 crash when closing LO with a 2nd consecutive selection
  • tdf#131554 text position wrong for a PPTX document
  • tdf#131566 Sifr: Add Extra Large (32px*32px) Localization Support
  • tdf#131571 Crash when clicking the “Text direction from top to bottom” toolbar icon
  • tdf#131576 Fields not displayed as expected on Page 2 of Base’s Table Wizard
  • tdf#131594 FILEOPEN DOCX: Do not display line numbering if w:lnNumType is set but w:countBy=”0″
  • tdf#131618 MailMerge contradictory data source error
  • tdf#131621 Crash saving template file (see comment 4)
  • tdf#131636 Icons for To Background/To Foreground
  • tdf#131684 Crash when doing undoing
  • tdf#131715 Crash clicking on Data range in the Chart Wizard twice/three times
  • tdf#131716 Freeze/hang after clicking Cancel in the Chart Wizard (with a large range of data selected)
  • tdf#131729 IMAGE WRAP: Crash if you wrap an image with vertical position “Bottom + Page text area”
  • tdf#131733 UI Select Certificate dialog shows additional info in “Issued to” column for RSA certs
  • tdf#131812 Exporting to html doesn’t preserve RTL property
  • tdf#131829 Vietnamese
  • tdf#131849 Mail merge does not reliably apply doc’s setting to (not) print empty pages
  • tdf#131873 Libreoffice-Impress Error adding rows to data table (gtk3 only)
  • tdf#131907 Crash: reject/clear formatting
  • tdf#131936 Save dialog does not correctly remember last used filetype
  • tdf#131951 FILEOPEN: Quadratic time on reading and converting html files with images
  • tdf#131966 chart legend attributes width and height are exported to ODF 1.2 (strict)
  • tdf#131969 EXIF information not recognized
  • tdf#131974 Breeze, Colibre, Sifr, Sukapura: Flipped Undo & Redo button with RTL (Arabic) UI
  • tdf#131975 Wrong “Undo: Data Input” (.uno:RecUndo) icon For RTL UI in all icon themes
  • tdf#131979 FILESAVE ODS Link to source format setting not always saved in chart data label
  • tdf#131984 Breeze: Some Extra Large Icons in Data Sources Fallbacked to Colibre
  • tdf#131996 HTML Export Wizard – Button selector not working
  • tdf#132001 FILEOPEN DOCX CRASH: File fails to open with frame in header and change tracked table
  • tdf#132038 Image rotation angle (inserting a value or by pressing plus or minus) not working
  • tdf#132080 elementary: Wrong Glyphs with Korean UI
  • tdf#132091 DOCX formtext content is lost after filling
  • tdf#132097 Find Previous with direction columns crashes in specific condition
  • tdf#132147 “!!broken!!” is inappropriately used as an IAccessible 2 attribute for cells without formula which breaks formulas detection for assistive technologies.
  • tdf#132174 FILEOPEN DOCX: Chart shows wrong label formatting (decimal instead of percentage)
  • tdf#132185 [DOCX: import] page numbers in footer no longer roman numbers
  • tdf#132210 [1] Calc crashes when I close spreadsheet file
  • tdf#132278 crash after opening an old file
  • tdf#132288 Spell check erases footnotes
  • tdf#132305 FILEOPEN: DOCX: Incorrect MS_COMBOVERLINE symbol
  • tdf#132351 FILESAVE DOCX Character formatting changes on numbering are not saved
  • tdf#132355 FILEOPEN ODT Stock chart columns appear shifted
  • tdf#132385 EDITING Query: SQL Parser drops partition, order by and frame clauses from window definition
  • tdf#132404 Sifr: Too large icon for Draw’s Points function

Bugs fixed in 6.4.4 (rc2):

  • tdf#125609 radiobutton receives item status changed event after listbox value selection
  • tdf#130108 FILESAVE XLSX Conditional Format not applied
  • tdf#130505 LibreOffice dialogs for save and open have default focus in the location field instead of file name field
  • tdf#131554 text position wrong for a PPTX document
  • tdf#131898 LibreOffice dialog: File name field filled with filename, type, size and modified date when selecting a file in the browser
  • tdf#131956 Crash on file reload after file recovery ( steps in comment 9 )
  • tdf#132187 For every repeated paste the page count (incl. content) doubles
  • tdf#132282 FILEOPEN PPTX: Titles rendered vertically instead of horizontally
  • tdf#132783 Calc CRASH when Ctrl+F

Version number 6.4.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website The Document Foundation
License type GPL