Software Update: LibreOffice 5.0.0 RC 4

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The fourth release candidate of LibreOffice version 5.0 has been released. This open source office package originated as a fork of OpenOffice and comes with the word processor Writer, spreadsheet program Calc, presentation program Impress, drawing program Draw, database program Base and Formula, an application for making scientific notations.

New in version 5.0 includes getting a 64bit version for Windows and the taskbars new buttons coming from KDE. Detailed information about the changes in version 5.0.0, which should be available within two weeks if all goes well, can be found on this page are being found. In the release candidates, only bugs fixedin this case still sixteen pieces:

Bugs fixed in 5.0.0 rc4:

  • coverity#1242624 missing shape bg color
  • coverity#1311653 uninitialized scalar field
  • oasis#3860 comply attributes name with
  • tdf#47832 FILESAVE: Pictures on buttons, created in forms, gone after reopening form
  • tdf#84909 Meta: Enhancing Impress/Draw toolbars and context menu
  • tdf#89031 EDITING – Calc Function suggestion too aggressive
  • tdf#90133 Extend ODF to support some special scientific formats
  • tdf#91278 xlsx formula not importing correctly, with Table structured references in named expressions and MATCH lookup array creation
  • tdf#91495 Style preview in “Styles and Formatting” sidebar should be optional
  • tdf#92483 JRE defective message unless user installs Visual C++ 2010 runtimes
  • tdf#92600 UI: No bold headings in dialogues
  • tdf#92668 GetImplementationName method returns rather than SwXTextDocument as before
  • tdf#92689 First letter selection by keyboard in combo boxes doesn’t work
  • tdf#92706 CRASH – when automatically launching table creation wizard after registration of database
  • tdf#92725 Adding new record in table duplicates values ​​in previous field
  • tdf#92772 Missing shape color (PPT)

Version number 5.0.0 RC 4
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website The Document Foundation
File size


License type GPL
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