Software Update: LAME 3.96.1

The name of the program LAME stood for LAME Ain’t an Mp3 Encoder but has been able to produce nice sounding files with that extension for a long time. The development team continues steadily with the further development of this program. Version 3.96.1 was recently released with the following release notes:

The 3.96.1 release is a maintenance release over 3.96. This one is fixing an occasional crash when using the newer vbr code, as for example used in “–preset fast standard”.

LAME 3.96.1:

  • Robert Hegemann:
    • fixed a crash in new vbr mode
  • Gabriel Bouvigne:
    • some fixes in ACM codec
    • fixed block size selection for mid and side channels

[break]The download below refers to the source which can be compiled on most operating systems. For the users with Windows state this binary already finished.

Version number 3.96.1
Website Hydrogen Audio Forums
File size


License type GPL