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Version 8.0 of JAlbum was released a few days ago. With this program, professional-looking HTML photo albums can be easily generated and edited. In a clear user interface, photos can be easily adjusted, the order can be changed, the appearance of the web page can be determined and the result can be placed on a home page via the built-in ftp client. The software is developed in Java and is therefore available for a large number of different operating systems. The changelog for this release shows the following changes:

News and updates

  • User interface now completely supports drag and drop. Arrange files and folders between folders too
  • New image editor with pluggable image filters: crop, red eye, color adjustment (brightness, contrast, saturation), gamma correction, rotate/straighten, grayscale, sepia, sharpen, blur, flip, invert and pixelate. The editor never touches your original images!
  • Images having filters applied to them can be saved separately
  • Faster and more memory conservative image scaling, especially for very large JPEG images
  • Originals can now be included for selected images
  • File picker now displays thumbnails
  • Faster loading of images lacking embedded thumbnails
  • Control-drag folders to have copies generated inside Jalbum containing links to the files in the dragged folder
  • Improved image property editor with rating, titles (for images too), file date and comments
  • Images can now be rotated and included/excluded in detail view mode
  • Filters applied to images can be copied and pasted onto masses of images in a quick way
  • Easy access file system from objects inside Jalbum
  • Full cacheing of thumbnails for images lacking an embedded thumbnail
  • Synchronization between generated files and input files meaning that renames, moves and deletions to images in the input structure are reflected among the album files. No more dead files lurking around (A user preference)
  • Old problematic “clean files” function now restricted to the “res” and “gifs” folders
  • More powerful ja:fileiterator tag. Should minimize need for scripting for skin developers
  • New finally.bsh file for skin clean-up tasks
  • Media RSS support
  • widget support
  • Preference to control if uploaded images open in browser or not
  • Reporting on number of objects, vs selected and excluded objects in Jalbum Explorer status bar
  • Modularized architecture (see new “lib” and “ext” folders for future plugins)

Bug fixes

  • Proper GPS coordinate reporting
  • Broken links are now displayed properly in UI
  • Various bug fixes


Version number 8.0.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, OS/2, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website JAlbum
File size


License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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