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Fengtao Software released version of Dvdfab HD Decrypter last Friday. With this program, DVD movies can be ripped to the hard drive, removing the protection and region code at the same time. Not only can the program make a complete copy, it is also possible to choose specific parts, for example only the main movie with only a limited number of languages ​​and subtitles. Dvdfab HD Decrypter is the ripping part of Dvdfab Gold and Platinum, paid programs from Fengtao Software, which also copy, convert and burn DVDs. From version 5 onwards, all three of these programs have been merged and you will therefore have to choose each time the program is started. The changelog for this release shows the following changes:


  • Added option “Create dvdid.xml which can be used by Windows Media Center” in “Settings -> DVD to DVD”.
  • Added option “Memory amount used for converting” in “Settings -> DVD to Mobile -> Generic”. The default value “Auto” should work well, and you can choose from “Low”, “Normal”, “High” and “Max” to see which one works best on your PC. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
  • Updated language files.


  • “Split” mode doesn’t work in certain cases.
  • “Split” mode doesn’t output ISO file for second disc when target is ISO.
  • Files in target folder will be deleted when converting DVD folder to ISO file.
  • Converting speed slowed down on some PC in last release. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
  • Several crash problems in certain cases.
  • Several minor problems.

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Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website Fengtao Software
File size


License type Freeware
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