Software update: Inno Setup 5.1.6

Jordan Russell Software has just released version 5.1.6 of Inno Setup. With this program you can easily create installation packages for Windows. The program offers the ability to add information to the registry and ini files, create shortcuts, and compress the installation files. Furthermore, an uninstaller can also be added and the installation can be performed in multiple languages. The main change in this release is that dll files are now registered or deleted by an external module, to prevent a corrupt dll from killing the installation process. The complete changelog for this release is as follows:

Changes in version 5.1.6:

  • Registration and unregistration of 32-bit DLLs is now performed in an external process. This change was primarily made to ensure that a buggy DLL cannot bring down the entire Setup/Uninstall process by, for example, corrupting its memory.
  • Pascal Scripting changes/improvements:
  • The already-existing AnsiUppercase and AnsiLowercase functions are now documented. Unlike their non-Ansi counterparts, these can handle non-ASCII characters (eg accented letters).
  • TNewCheckListBox: Added new ItemCaption property. This can be used to change the caption of an already-created item. (Setting an item’s caption through the Items property is not supported by TNewCheckListBox.)
  • OLE is now initialized before registering a 64-bit DLL.
  • While Setup is waiting for a 64-bit DLL to register, it now processes messages.
  • On CD/DVD-spanned installs, fixed issue with AutoPlay not being suppressed if you clicked OK too quickly on the Setup Needs the Next Disk dialog after swapping CDs/DVDs.
  • When WindowVisible=yes, the gradient background now uses 256 colors instead of 64, resulting in a smoother appearance when running in 24- or 32-bit color mode.
  • In the documentation for the Excludes [Files] section parameter, mention that a simple Unix-style pattern matching routine is used, which exhibits some differences from the DOS/Windows-style pattern matching used in the Source parameter.
  • Added official Slovak translation.
  • Minor tweaks.


Version number 5.1.6
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Jordan Russell Software
File size


License type Freeware
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