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Version 8.7 of ImageGlass has been released. ImageGlass is a small, fast and simple open source program that Pictures can be viewed. It can rotate and convert images to another format without loss of quality, but it depends on external software for other operations. In version 8.0, which has been nicknamed Kobe, support for new formats has been added, ExifTool can be used to display exif information and it can show the individual frames in a gif image. The following improvements have also been made in this release:


  • Updated Magick.NET to v12.2.0.
  • Changed to use Magick.NET-Q16-HDRI-OpenMP (32 bits-per-pixel component) for the best image quality. This requires a bit more memory to load and process the image. You can download the x86 release of ImageGlass, which uses Magick.NET-Q8 for less memory consumption.
  • Allowed user to override the extension icons in Exts-Icon from Config folder (similar to Themes folder).
  • Added support for showing translators of the language pack in Settings > Language.
  • Added support for auto-applying selected language pack in Settings window when clicking Apply button.
  • Added support for using millisecond to set slideshow interval (#1155), thank you @BenHUET.
  • Updated the colon character in slideshow countdown (#1226).
  • Added Exit option to the context menu (#1322, #1390), kudos to @BenHUET.
  • Updated toolbar icon for Thumbnail bar (#1364).
  • Re-enabled the ability to change extension icon for .ICO (#1396).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue when the Window Fit mode is enabled, zooming the image causes the window flickered badly (#1371), a big round of applause to @2480258.

Version number 8.7.79
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website ImageGlass
License type GPL
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