Software Update: Google Earth 7.3.6

Google has released an update to version 7.3.6 of Google Earth. Among other things, this program allows you to zoom in from space on a large number of sights and view them in detail, including cities, but also objects below sea level and even on Mars. It is also possible to plot a route and print it. From version 7.0 it is possible to view cities in 3d and there is a tour guide. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Announcing Google Earth Pro 7.3.6

We’re thrilled to announce that Google Earth Pro 7.3.6, a new update to the desktop software edition of Google Earth, is now available to all users. Included in this release are a significant number of improvements and fixes, including:

  • Movie Maker tool:
    • Hardware-accelerated video encoding for faster processing and better image quality.
    • HEVC (H.265) codec support.
    • Full navigation controls, including Historical Imagery and Street View, available in live recording mode.
    • Better responsiveness during live recording.
    • Can defer video encoding until after live recording is finished.
    • In live recording mode, less obtrusive recording status dialog.
    • Live recordings accurately show the timing of user actions during the recording session.
    • Save video frames in QOI image format.
  • break apart a multi-geometry placemark into individual placemarks.
  • Combine multiple selected place marks into a single Multi Geometry place mark.
  • Import GeoJSON files.
  • Improved printing tool quality.
  • Save Image tool:
    • Increased maximum image size.
    • PNG format support.
  • Adjusted Google Earth logo size in main view, saved images, and printouts.
  • Windows: Automatically support high-DPI displays.
  • macOS: Fix illegible dialog tabs on macOS 11+.
  • macOS: Cosmetic refinements to My Places and Layers panels.
  • Regionate tool supports KML Schema extended data.
  • Consistently save KML files with no changes from session to session.
  • Correctly import CSV files with values ​​that contain quotation marks.
  • Edit KML LinearRing place mark line style.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

This newest update of Google Earth Pro is available to Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users, and can be installed from the Google Earth “Versions” page: choose “Google Earth Pro on Desktop” or scroll down to “Create maps with advanced tools”, and click the “Download Earth Pro on desktop” button to get started.

Version number 7.3.6
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Google
License type Freeware