Software Update: GOM Player

Gretech has released version of Gom Player. This free media player is developed by Gretech and is suitable for Windows 98 or higher, with the exception of Windows NT. Gom Player comes with several popular codecs, so it is not necessary to install them separately in Windows. If a file is played for which the codec is not yet available, it can be automatically found and added via the so-called codec finder. Furthermore, there is support for playing incomplete files and of course also subtitles. Version, which is classified as an important update, contains the following changes:

Changes in this release:

  • Added ‘Maximize’ option to display resize menu
  • Added “Fit to full screen¡¯ options under Preferences(F5) > Playback-Menus > Playback-Tab > Default screen size when playing
  • Enhanced subtitle¡¯s quality in ¡®VMR-Renderless¡¯ mode
  • Updated blocking filter lists
  • Linked to mts, m2ts, m2t extensions
  • Selections available in the default linked programs list
  • ASX 3.0 StartTime, Duration options applied to playlists.
  • Fixed an issue with afterimages on the player skin
  • Fixed an issue with not working function of extension connect/disconnect
  • Fixed mouse inputting errors in ¡®VMR-Renderless¡¯ mode while DVD playing
  • Fixed codepage recognizing error of some subtitle files
  • Fixed an issue that some WMV files are not connected with built-in source filter
  • Changed ‘Random Play’ function to ‘Shuffle Play’ function
  • Enhanced functions which adjust & save subtitle syncs
  • Add Gretech MP3 source filter
  • Modified source filter or FLV local files
  • Modified source filter or MPEG local files
  • Modified source filter or MP4 local files

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7
Website Gretech
File size 6.55MB
License type Freeware