Software update: FastStone Image Viewer 6.6

FastStone Soft has released version 6.6 of its program Image Viewer. FastStone Image Viewer is free, small and fast, and is packed with thoughtful functionality for viewing and editing images, such as rotating (lossless for jpeg), cropping, enlarging and reducing, removing the red-eye effect, rotating the photo to a skew horizon to correct, and adjust colors, contrast and brightness. The user interface is multilingual. Since version 6.3 it can also play videos. In this edition the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 6.6:

  • Improved performance:
    • Load images faster
    • Open big folders faster
    • Copy / Move files faster [19659006] Process embedded ICC profiles faster. Now embedded ICC profile support is enabled by default
  • Added a new mouse gesture to image magnifier. When the mouse is in a magnifier shape:
    • Press and hold down mouse button to activate the magnifier. Release mouse button to hide the magnifier
    • Click to enlarge the image in actual size (100%). Now you can take different parts of the image. Single click mouse button Click to enlarge image
  • Added a date range filter to photo importer
  • Enhanced internal Video Player
    • Option to auto-play current video file [19659006] Option to run current video file
    • In full screen mode, auto-show play bar when you move the mouse
    • Auto-show a hint of time position when hovering mouse on the progress bar
  • Enhanced the batch convert / rename tool.
    • Now # or * is not required in the filename template
    • Now you can expand the canvas by pixels or by percentage
  • Added Swap Colors under the Colors menu
  • Fixed a DPI related bug in Contact Sheet Builder
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes