Software Update: Fall JPegger 4.77 build 5.1104

Vallen JPegger is a program that makes it easy to view and manage images. Support for 40 image formats and 21 different languages ​​is available, as is the extra MP3 player with which a complete music collection can be managed. The developers recently released version 4.77 build 5.1104 with the following changes since the last entry in the muck tracker:

Version 4.77:

  • Crop factor now adjustable. see Preferences / More options. See help for more information on Crop factor.
  • Problems with newer TIFF subformats resolved
  • Language Update: Slovenian, Chinese
  • Memory leak in PNG interface resolved
  • Minor W98 related improvements

Version 4.76:

  • Improvement: Minor Bugfixes and Improvements
  • Language Update: Czech, Italian

Version 4.75:

  • Language Update: Arabic
  • Shortcuts revised

Version 4.74:

  • Language Update: Polish, Swedish
  • Improvement: More tolerant handling for JPG images with corrupt JPEG info
  • Improvement: Some code optimizations
  • Improvement: Improved support for PNG files
  • Improvement: Print Cards now allows to print the same image several times per page
  • Improvement: Option added to allow file deletion without confirmation
  • Improvement: “Preferences” dialog redesigned

Version number 4.77 build 5.1104
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Vallen-Systeme GmbH
File size


License type Freeware