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Phil Harvey has released version 12.51 of ExifTool. ExifTool is a free and cross-platform program that allows the metadata of a large number of files can be managed and edited. It works from the command line, but third-party solutions are available that allow it to be used with a graphical user interface as well. New versions appear regularly, but most releases are made available under the beta flag. This update is also referred to as a development version; the latest stable release is version 12.50. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Changes in version 12.51:

  • Added a new Olympus LensType (thanks Herb)
  • Extract C2PA JUMBF metadata from PNG images and C2PA Salt values
  • Decode NikonSettings for Z9 firmware 3.0 (thanks Warren Hatch)
  • Decode additional camm metadata from Insta360 Pro2 MP4 videos
  • Improved Verbose output when writing Composite tags to add a “+” sign to indicate related tags that are being written
  • Enhanced -geotag option CSV format to support GPSImgDirection column
  • Fixed problem where -w+ option didn’t work in Windows if there were Unicode characters in the path name
  • Fixed problem where only the last image of the sequence was extracted (multiple times) when using -ee2 to extract embedded images from FLIR SEQ files
  • Fixed issue where GPS reference directions may be unknowingly written when using ExifTool 12.44 or later to write GPSLatitude or GPSLongitude without specifying a group name. The fix was to Avoid writing the Composite tags unless the Composite group is specified explicitly
  • Fixed -geotag to write orientation and track tags even if some tags in the category were missing
  • Fixed inconsistency in selecting which tag to output with the -json option when multiple tags with the same JSON key exist and the -TAG# feature is used to disable print conversion
  • Fixed problem writing QuickTime:PlayListID
  • Fixed problem writing QuickTime tags when specifying tag ID (ie. family 7 group) as well as a language code

Version number 12.51
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Phil Harvey
License type GPL
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