Software Update: ExifTool 12.29

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Phil Harvey has released version 12.29 of ExifTool. ExifTool is a free and cross-platform program that allows the metadata of a large number of files can be managed and edited. It works from the command line, but there are third-party solutions available that allow it to be used with a graphical user interface as well. New versions appear regularly, but most releases are made available under the beta flag. This update is also referred to as a development version, the last stable release is version 12.26. Since version 12.27, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 12.29

  • Added a few new Nikon and Olympus lenses (thanks LibRaw)
  • Improved a QuickTime “File format error” message to be more meaningful, and made it a minor error
  • Changed PNG writer to add EXIF ​​before IDAT
  • Some changes the way JUMBF metadata is handled
  • Patched to read timed GPS from a different type of INSV videos
  • Patched a security issue
  • Fixed problem where ExifTool could hang when processing mebx timed metadata

Changes in version 12.28

  • Added read support for Leica Image File (LIF) images
  • Added a new Olympus LensType (thanks LibRaw)
  • Decode another Panasonic tag (thanks LibRaw)
  • Decode more timed metadata from Sony MP4 videos
  • Attempt to shorten tag names for metadata in CZI files
  • Allow full QuickTime Keys tag IDs in UserDefined tags (fixes backward incompatibility introduced in 12.02)
  • Patched to handle special characters in Torrent tag values

Version number 12.29
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Phil Harvey
License type GPL
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