Software Update: Eudora Email

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After several beta releases, Qualcomm has now released the final release of its Eudora 7.0 email program. The full version number has reached version number and the download is possible here are being found. Eudora can be used in three ways. Firstly, it can be used for free with limited possibilities. Then there is the possibility to get started for free, but with more functionality. In that case, some advertisements will be displayed. Finally, for fifty dollars, the full arsenal of features can be used and that too without advertising. The complete release notes for this version are in this document here are the main changes:

Ultra Fast Indexed Search:

    Even with decades of archives containing hundreds of thousands of entries, Eudora 7 finds results instantaneously. Click here for video!

Boss Watch:

    Ever use Reply-All and wish you hadn’t? BossWatch will make you more aware of the email addresses in a list.

Remote Access:

    IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) provides remote access to email. IMAP users will enjoy greatly increased performance, as well as the ability to file their mail even when off-line.


    The S/MIME (Secure Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions) plug-in allows you to sign or encrypt your email communications for greatest security.


Version number
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Qualcomm
File size


License type Shareware
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