Software Update: Eudora Email 6.2.1

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Eudora Email is no stranger to the people who have been roaming the internet for some time. However, in recent years it has received more and more competition from others and its fame has been snowed in quite a bit. Fortunately, Qualcomm recently released a new version that contains a number of improvements. The version number has arrived at 6.2.1 and the changelog for the Windows platform looks like this:


  • Fixed bug that would cause Eudora to reject SSL certificate even after user manually marked it as trusted.


  • Fixed potential crash when an IMAP message matched a filter that transferred an IMAP message then changed its status.
  • Fixed problem where IMAP mailbox cache would be lost and a mail resync would redownload messages that were previously downloaded.
  • Fixed problem where some IMAP mailbox icons would not update immediately after the user set or reset the “Resynchronize on Mail Check” option.


  • Fixed crash that could occur with the built in viewer when displaying an HMTL message that specified an extremely long font face.
  • Fixed crash that could occur with the built in viewer when displaying an HMTL message that specified an extremely long font size.
  • Fixed slow display of large HTML messages, which was introduced in 6.2.


  • Fixed case where attachments could be spoofed via two base64 encoded (plain-text, inline) MIME parts operating in conjuction.


  • Eudora now uses less CPU during idle time.
  • Better at maintaining file attributes when new versions of files are saved when using Windows 2000 or XP.
  • Now display second progress bar to display progress during the second phase of rebuilding a mailbox’s TOC.
  • Better support for lengthy values ​​for
    Eudora previously supported saving only up to 256 characters for any setting – now there is no limit.
  • User is now optionally warned when many messages are attempted to be deleted at one time. The settings to control this (whether to warn or not, and how many messages are required to warn) are in Tools->Options->Extra Warnings.


  • Fixed crash that could occur when using stationary that specified an invalid long attachment name.
  • Fixed bug with Make Address Book Entry feature.
  • Fixed case where progress bar could draw incorrectly while rebuilding a mailbox’s TOC if the mailbox had a lot of messages in it.
  • No longer need to rebuild mailbox’s TOC when opening a mailbox with more than 32767 messages in it.
  • Fixed bug where Eudora could incorrectly convert an emoticon that was part of a word.
  • Nicknames now expand to full name created from “First Name” and “Last Name” fields in the address book if the “Full Name” field is empty.
  • Fixed bug where moving a message back into the Out mailbox did not remove it from the mailbox from which it was transferred.
  • Fixed bug where a poorly formatted incoming message could cause Eudora to later think that it needed to rebuild the In mailbox’s TOC.
  • Fixed problem where on rare occasions ranges of message summaries would disappear from the TOC file of a mailbox.
  • Editing the justification of excerpted text no longer removes the excerpt bars – really.

[break]Also for the MacOS X users Eudora Email 6.2.1 available and the release notes are here to read.

Version number 6.2.1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003
Website Qualcomm
License type Shareware
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