Software Update: DVD Profiler 3.6.1 Beta Build 1392 RC

Invelos Software has released a new beta release of DVD Profiler. This release may be considered the release candidate. DVD Profiler is a DVD cataloging program that differs from similar programs by not using online movie databases such as Imdb, but a database maintained by the users of this program themselves. The unregistered version has only a few limitations, until more than fifty titles are added to the database. After that, the functionality becomes somewhat pinched off. The changelog of this release shows the following changes:

Changes in this build:

  • Corrected possible access violation in DVD->Edit via the Move Down button
  • Added optional printing methods to address missing images in reports, accessible from the print dialog; also changed default printing method
  • Fixed: Sort options in credit info window not working
  • Addressed hang experienced by some users when creating a new database
  • Corrected performance issue in Personalize with very large collections
  • Fixed: On Add DVD->by Disc ID, the Alternates window list keeps growing with the same entries being duplicated.
  • Swapping column order of cast name/role causes display issue of credited as
  • Unflag during contribution not working for localities outside the US
  • Fixed program crash at start experienced by some users
  • Connection closed gracefully should be trapped (everywhere? in dpo synch?)
  • Layout HTML doesn’t show voice flag if there’s no role set
  • Sorts incorrect in welcome page loaned list (date in particular)
  • Double-click on title bar shouldn’t open a mail (in fact don’t do anything on doubleclick)
  • Fixed: Move up/down buttons in crew edit error when section boundary is reached
  • Fixed: Review is not saved via DVD->Edit when it is the only change
  • Fixed: Copy crew section stops copying when it reaches a group divider
  • In Add DVD window, the similar title detection now works with custom collection types
  • Moved help to web-based help to facilitate updates (currently unchanged content from 3.5.1)
  • Default odd collection types to owned, in collection read, dvd read, and collection type totals
  • Fixed: Collection number in use displayed in some cases when it shouldn’t be
  • Fixed: Chart for Video Review showing Entire Review
  • Fixed: Movie Pick selection for last watched is not filtering correctly
  • Fixed: Movie Pick matching count not updated when an audience member is deselected
  • Fixed: Setting exclusions via right-click did not trigger the upload during the next DPO synchronize
  • Corrected error synchronizing mobile when a custom collection type used the blank image

Version number 3.6.1 beta build 1392 RC
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Invelos
File size 9.59MB
License type Shareware