Software update: Drupal 8.7.9

Version 8.7.9 of Drupal has been released. Drupal is a user-friendly and powerful content management platform written in PHP, which can be used to create websites, for example. It’s simple enough for a novice user, but powerful enough to build a more complex website as well. The program includes a content management platform and a development framework. Version 8.6 includes oEmbed, a new way to add media, and there is a demo that shows what Drupal is capable of. The release notes for this release look like this:

Release notes

This is the final normal bug fix release of 8.7.x. Further bug fixes will be available in 8.8.0, which will be released on December 4, 2019. Drupal 8.7.x will receive security coverage until June 3rd, 2020 when Drupal 8.9.x is released.

Core versioning support in * .info.yml files since 8.7.7

Drupal 8.7.7 introduces a new core_version_requirement key to * .info.yml files, allowing contributed modules to specify specific versions for Drupal core compatiblity, as well as to indicate that they are compatible with both Drupal 8 and the forthcoming Drupal 9 release. See the change record for more details.

Internal change to entity and field definition update events

It is now possible to install a new field storage definition during a fieldable entity type update. Event subscribers for entity type and field definition update events will now be passed the updated definitions rather than the outdated ones. Code relying on this buggy behavior may need adjustment.

All changes since 8.7.8

Version number 8.7.9
Release status Final
Operating systems Script language
Website Drupal
License type GPL