California prosecutor: Facebook refuses to cooperate with investigation

Facebook has declined to cooperate with an investigation into how it behaved in the Cambridge Analytica case. So says a Attorney General. State governments rarely disclose information about ongoing investigations.

The disclosure is necessary due to the lack of cooperation, says the attorney general. That is why he is going to court to force Facebook to provide answers and search for relevant documents surrounding Cambridge Analytica. “Our work must continue. We have no choice and must have a court order to compel Facebook to comply with our subpoenas.”

The court document describes, among other things, that Facebook would not have even made an attempt to find relevant documents in the mailboxes of top people, something the attorney general has requested. Facebook has not yet responded to the matter.

The California Attorney General is investigating the case, as the state suspects Facebook has broken the law. Cambridge Analytica’s access to Facebook user data allowed it to build and sell profiles in favor of targeted political advertising. The case came to the fore a year and a half ago and has already led to many investigations by government agencies.