Software Update: DirSync Pro 1.3 Beta 4

The people behind DirSync Pro are developing version 1.3 and the fourth beta release has now been released. One or more folders can be synchronized with this open source program, for example a computer with a smartphone or USB memory stick. This can be both uni- and bi-directional. The program is written in Java and therefore platform independent. Downloads are available for DOS, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, among others. Below you will find everything that has changed since version 1.24:

Changes in DirSync Pro 1.3b4:

  • Improved: Stopping a synchronization will always clears the sync queue.
  • Fixed: Starting the synchronization initiates the analysis (again) if no analysis is already carried out (Thanks to Vespie for the bug report).
  • Improved: ‘Backup & Log’ tab in the Job dialog are separated now.
  • Added: Information boxes in the Job dialog are written out now.
  • Added: Checkbox in the job tree to enable/disable a job (Thanks to Carlos for the suggestion).

Changes in DirSync Pro 1.3b3:

  • Fixed: Job options were not set correctly in the GUI when using a custom mono direction synchronization. Fixed!
  • Fixed: DirSync Pro does not crash anymore when a modification date of file is unreadable (eg due to file corruption). It just shows a warning now.
  • Added: Reset job settings in the ‘Actions’ tab is implemented.

Changes in DirSync Pro 1.3b2:

  • Improved: Synchronization performance is improved to be even faster.
  • Added: The Jobs in the job tree have a tool tip now.
  • Added: Pop-up menu in the job tree (right-click) is now decorated with icons.
  • Fixed: Error while converting an old configuration to the new format.
  • Added: Creating a backup of the configuration file before it is converted to the new format.
  • Fixed: Some minor issues.

Changes in DirSync Pro 1.3b1:

  • Changed: Directory profile is now called ‘job’ to be intuitive. This is also convenient as we may have scheduling in the near future. 😉
  • Added: A new approach to setting up a job is implemented to be more user friendly. The GUI has changed a lot to support this approach.
  • Added: Some pre-configured quick modes are added to easily set up mostly used sync configurations.
  • Changed: The tab orientation of the Jobs, Sync Queue and Messages is changed to the bottom to fit better in the new GUI.
  • Improved: The GUI window is resizable now so the users with lower resolution could still use DirSync Pro without having to shift the screen.
  • Improved: Similar options of the job settings are now grouped into separate tabs.
  • Changed: The list of jobs is changed to a visual tree.
  • Changed: You need to open an edit dialog to edit a job setting now.
  • Changed: Default setting tab is withdrawn to reduce complexity. You can now easily copy options to some or all directories.
  • Improved: When you choose to swap all the source and destination directories, a confirmation dialog will appear. (Thanks to Matt for the suggestion)

Version number 1.3 beta 4
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, DOS, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website SourceForge
License type GPL