Software update: Cura 5.4.0

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Cura is developed by UltiMaker to make 3D printing as easy and streamlined as possible. Cura contains everything you need to print a 3D file. It works with all UltiMaker printers, as well as those from RepRap and Printrbot. Cura is easy to install and contains both the latest firmware and the calibration files for the 3D printer. Version 5.4.0 of Cura has been released and the following changes and improvements have been made:

Introduced the new Tree Support – try it for yourself with this dragon pencil cup.

  • Improved slicing time for Tree Support
  • Introduced 10 new settings and updated 2 so anyone can tune the behavior
  • Updated options for Tree Support Rest Preference to be more correct
  • Fixed a bug where Tree Support would generate unsupported islands
  • Fixed a bug where slicing would fail if Preference was set to On Any Flat Surface
  • Fixed a bug where branches were not generated when Support Interface was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the Support Overhang Angle caused a crash with Tree Support
  • Fixed a bug where the Support Interface was not correctly generated with Tree Support

Changed the order in which the brim is printed so it’s easier to remove

Introduced the Smart Brim setting that changes the order in which the brim lines are printed making them easier to remove. Try it for yourself with this Cura Cookie Cutter.

New features and improvements:

  • Updated the UltiMaker logo to reflect the new company logo
  • Added support for the updated mainboard revisions of UltiMaker S3, S5, and S7
  • Introduced Hole Horizontal Expansion Max Diameter so only the expansion of smaller holes can be tuned while leaving larger holes untouched.
  • Introduced Skirt Height setting to make a skirt easier to remove
  • Improved the minimum layer time for printers with multiple extruders.
  • Improved accuracy of when the M104 Hotend Temperature command is added
  • Improved printing order of the prime tower to include a dual brim, primed every layer, and primed before and after the extruder switch.
  • Improved behavior for opening and closing categories when adding a new printer
  • Removed the settings related to Wire Printing since it was broken and barely used.
  • Upgraded PyQt to version 6.4.2 which improves responsiveness in the UI

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the brim line would not be printed in the same orientation
  • Fixed a bug where models dropped to the buildplate when they were supposed to be floating
  • Fixed a bug where models would overlap if multiple models were loaded at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where an error would be shown too often in One At A Time print sequence
  • Fixed a bug where the message for a new Beta version available would show up during the Beta.
  • Fixed a bug where ESun PLA+ would display unsupported.
  • Fixed a bug where the printjob name was hard to read in darkmode
  • Fixed a bug where the Minimum Layer Time was incorrectly interpolated
  • Fixed a bug where Cura would crash on star-up for some Linux systems because of missing SimpleButton
  • Fixed a bug where the Post Processing Plugin would create extra folders
  • Fixed AppImage Icon for Linux systems
  • Fixed a bug where the buildplate temperature in the USB printing monitor was not rounded
  • Fixed a bug where retracting for Filament Change was not performed correctly because of an extra /n in the gcode.
  • Fixed a bug where the material estimation would not show currencies correctly.

Bugs resolved since the Beta Release

  • Fixed a bug where undesirable micro-segments would introduce jagged paths on curved surfaces.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to use custom support and brim meshes
  • Fixed a bug Cura would not start when upgrading from a Cura 5.4 Nightly
  • Fixed a bug where Connect Top/Bottom Polygons would cause a slicing crash
  • Fixed a bug where generic materials were missing for some printers
  • Fixed a bug where Support Horizontal Expansion would be incorrectly applied to tree supports
  • Fixed a bug where nozzles were missing from the Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus.

Printer definitions, profiles, and materials:

  • Introduced UltiMaker PET CF with Annealing and Engineering intents
  • Updated Infill and Skin Overlap settings for UltiMaker printers
  • Enabled a modest Support Brim by default for UltiMaker printers
  • Updated Support Interface speeds for PVA for UltiMaker printers
  • Added Gutenberg G-Zero
  • Added Hellbot Magna SE 300, and Magna SE Pro
  • Added Kingroon KP3S Pro
  • Added LNL3D D3, D3 Vulcan, D5 and D6
  • Added Longer LK4
  • Added Mixware Hyper K, Hyper S, Vulcan, and Wand
  • Added Snapmaker 2 A150, A250 and A350 dual extruder printers
  • Added Sovol SV04
  • Added Sovol SV06 plus, and updated Sovol SV06
  • Added WeeFun Tina2, and WeeFun Tina2
  • Updated Creality 3 S1, Creality 3 S1 Plus, and Creality 3 S1 Pro
  • Updated Cremaker profile to remove material temperature boost

Community translations:

  • Updated Brazilian translations

Known critical issues:

Version number 5.4.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, macOS, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Ultimaker
License type GPL
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