Software update: CudaText 1.192.0

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Version 1.192.0 of CudaText has been released. This open source and cross platform text editor is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, BSD and Solaris. It has extensive possibilities that are particularly interesting for software developers. Developed in Object Pascal, it starts quickly and the functionality can be further expanded using Python add-ons. The program is actively developed and new versions are released regularly. The changelog since version 1.189.0 looks like this:

Changes in version 1.192.0:

  • Change: commands “delete word next”/”delete word previous” changed behavior with selection, they delete the selection first, like in Sublime/VSCode; bad effect: custom hotkeys for these commands were reset
  • Change: auto-completion font now equals to ‘editor font’
  • Add: auto-completion window is now parented in the main window: 1) no more separate shadow, 2) main window don’t loose focus and don’t blink, 3) no more showing of autocomplete-window in Alt+Tab list
  • Add: new values ​​of “ui_notif_confirm” to show _modal_ prompt to reload file
  • Add: option “autocomplete_closing_delay”
  • Add: option “ui_esc_close_finder”
  • Fix: lexer ‘Ini files^’ small bug
  • Fix: tree-helper for Ini: support ‘#’ comments

Changes in version 1.191.5:

  • Change: submenu “View / Toggle unprinted chars” replaced with menu item “Options / Unprinted chars…” which shows new dialog “Unprinted characters”, it gives much more control
  • Add: “autocomplete_autoshow_chars” must trigger also inside ‘strings’, it makes sense for some LSP servers
  • Add: “ui_scale_font” must affect font size in tooltips too
  • Change: “autocomplete_html”:true must work together with “autocomplete_autoshow_chars” (before: it overridden “autocomplete_autoshow_chars” to 1)
  • Fix: lexer XML: this must not be highlighted as string: “…”

Changes in version 1.191.0:

  • Change: rename option “minimap_tooltip_line_count” to “minimap_tooltip_height”
  • Add: new option “minimap_tooltip_font_size” allows to use smaller font in minimap-tooltip
  • Add: added limit of undo-data-length in session files, 1M chars, to prevent too long session saving/loading when editing with multi-carets
  • Add: long reloading of huge file, must show editor (or both splitted editors) as ‘locked’ (hourglass icon)
  • Add: Windows: X icon in menu-like dialogs now looks like ui-tabs
  • Fix: regression since 2021/08: loading of huge (100M) file with rare ‘umlaut’ chars did not activate “fallback_encoding” and forced UTF-8
  • Fix: several clicks on X-icon to close big file, while lexer parser is working, may lead to Access Violation
  • Fix: Qt5-version exposed bug with wrong scrolling to found words, in word-wrap mode, on some Unicode texts
  • Fix: loading session with 2 groups: file in 2nd group loses syntax highlight
  • Fix: crash with multi-line comments + “auto_fold_comments”:2 + code-tree visible

Changes in version 1.190.1:

  • Add: smart-tabs option, “tab_smart”, known from several text editors: PSPad, ConTEXT, Lazarus IDE
  • Fix: theme config dialog’s Apply-button did not apply color to sidebar
  • Fix: minor issue with Alt+Tab with plugin dialogs, on Windows

Changes in version 1.190.0:

  • Change: statusbar click on cells “file encoding”, “end-of-line chars”, “lexer” now shows menu-like dialogs, like in VSCode
  • Add: improve “minimap_drag_immediately”:true, so that minimap click scrolls to clicked position
  • Add: add option “ui_menu_button”, to control showing of ‘3 dots’ sidebar button
  • Add: Project Manager: on renaming of project file, rename also corresponding opened ui-tab
  • Add: Command Palette: add few missing items for newly added encodings; rename few CJK encoding items
  • Fix: error with “auto_fold_comments”:2 and command “move lines down”
  • Fix: lexer reStructuredText did not support spell checker

Version number 1.192.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website CudaText
License type GPL
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