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Version 1.167.0 of CudaText has been released. This open source and cross platform text editor is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, BSD and Solaris. It has extensive options which are of particular interest to software developers. It is developed in Object Pascal, starts quickly and through Python add-ons the functionality can be further extended. The program is under active development and new versions appear regularly. The changelog since version 1.162.0 looks like this:

Changes in version 1.167.0:

  • Add: API to speedup ExTerminal plugin
  • Add: dialog ‘Go to’: handle also leading ‘+’ like the trailing one
  • Add: wiki topic Advantages over Visual Studio Code
  • Add: wiki topic Disadvantages compared to Sublime Text / VSCode
  • Add: list “File / Open recent” stores also pictures/binaries
  • Add: TRegExpr engine: update “uppercase/lowercase tables” for some unicode ranges
  • Fix/optimization: rendering with ‘markers’ on 100k+ lines was very slow
  • Fix/optimization: command “Inverse bookmarks” was very-very slow in 100k+ lines documents
  • Fix/optimization: plugin Git Status was very-very slow if Git changes had 10k+ lines
  • Fix/optimization: during mass replacement, pair-bracket-finder must not activate
  • Fix: sometimes, ‘markers’ were painted with artifact lines
  • Fix: on Windows, startup with 2+ groups did not restore “maximized” state
  • Fix: on Windows, picture viewer: dragging of small picture was not disabled
  • Fix: on tab switching, window caption must be updated without pause
  • Fix: file must appear in “File / Open recent” if default-session is active
  • Fix: couple of issues with Up/Down/PageUp/PageDown with “caret_after_end” on/off
  • Fix: ‘floating’ panels feature is now disabled in GTK2 version, because of the IDE (or GTK2) bug
  • Fix: could not continue selection by mouse when cursor goes over minimap

Changes in version 1.166.5:

  • Add: small optimization: LSP plugin should not start when app starts with single empty tab
  • Fix: on opening another project, current project session was not auto-saved
  • Fix: crash on loading session with confirmation for ‘binary’ file
  • Fix: on loading session with active 2nd group, empty tab was appearing
  • Change: on loading session, don’t check files for ‘binary’ content

Changes in version 1.166.2:

  • Add: support encoding iso-8859-3
  • Add: support encoding iso-8859-4
  • Add: support encoding iso-8859-7
  • Add: support encoding iso-8859-10
  • Add: support encoding iso-8859-13
  • Add: option “autocomplete_acp”
  • Fix: with “ui_tab_angled”:true, drag-drop of tabs must be allowed onto inter-tab small gap

Changes in version 1.166.0:

  • Add: support encoding iso-8859-5
  • Add: support encoding iso-8859-14
  • Add: support encoding iso-8859-16
  • Add: lexer must support ‘dynamic highlight’ if any sub-lexer supports it; example is Vue lexer
  • Add: Emmet plugin handles Tab-key in Vue lexer too
  • Change: on calling Find dialog, if none of options “find_suggest_xxxx” do suggestion, ‘find what’ field is not cleared; Ctrl+F from the Find dialog now selects all ‘find what’
  • Change: Windows Python upgraded to 3.8
  • Fix: couple of bugs in plugin API
  • Fix: regression in 1.165.2: Shift+F3 in Find dialog
  • Fix: Windows: issue with Alt+Tab and “ui_taskbar_mode”:false
  • Fix: after “fold all”, all folded ranges must have [+] icon, even those affected by “fold_icon_min_range” option
  • Fix: lexer PHP: don’t highlight ‘class name’ after ‘->’

Changes in version 1.165.2:

  • Add: input boxes + API-created editors: use the same key-mapping as main editor
  • Add: commands “(without undo) sort xxxx” set sorted range line-states to ‘changed’
  • Add: lexer CSS: support new ‘units’
  • Fix: change default value of “renderer_tweaks__linux” to “” on Linux Qt5
  • Fix: TRegExpr engine: fix issues with ‘regex recursion’
  • Fix: macros playback must restore previous state of search options
  • Fix: freezing on startup with Git Status plugin, in some cases
  • Fix: few rendering issues with proportional fonts: tab-chars, indentations
  • Fix: commands “(without undo) sort xxxx” incorrectly removed blank lines
  • Fix: Lexer YAML bug

Changes in version 1.165.0:

  • Add: add time limit for syntax highlighting in minimap: new option “minimap_coloring_time”:15
  • Add: improve rendering speed for _lite_ lexers, on long wrapped lines
  • Add: improve filtering in Command Palette: find space-separated words in _any_ order, like Sublime Text
  • Add: lexer CSS: syntax-highlight color functions ‘hwb()’, ‘lab()’, ‘lch()’
  • Add: HTML color underlines: support ‘rgb(255, 55, 255, .5)’, ‘rgb(255 55 255 / .5)’, ‘rgba(255 55 255 / .5)’
  • Change: change the behavior of command “skip next occurrence of selected word” to better mimic Sublime Text
  • Fix: UI flickering on adding plugin’s sidepanel buttons
  • Fix: bug in Comments plugin

Changes in version 1.164.0:

  • Add: major change: support for proportional fonts in the editor (no option)
  • Add: ‘listbox_ex’ UI control: on scrolling, don’t leave space on the bottom
  • Add: lexer parser for indent-based folding: if ‘group index’=21 (lexer properties dialog in SynWrite), parser will _skip_ checking of pair brackets (for ‘group index’=20, checking for pair brackets will run, which is good for Python)
  • Fix: “autocomplete_trigger_chars” did not work in HTML for “<", without changing "nonword_chars"

Changes in version 1.163.4:

  • Add: code-tree filling time is limited now, by new option “ui_tree_fill_max_time”:1000 (in msec)
  • Add: API for ‘treeview’ multi-selection
  • Add: disabled buttons (in Find dialog, in main toolbar) are shown with a crossing-line, to be better visible as disabled
  • Change: default of “find_hotkey_find_next” changed to “F3”
  • Fix: command “Paste and indent” must not force final newline
  • Fix: Terminal Plus steals focus after auto-completion closes
  • Fix: regression in 1.163.2: startup session silently skipped
  • Fix: regression in 1.160.2 for code-tree; reverted ‘faster filling of the code tree’
  • Fix: a couple of minor bugs (rarely visible) in TRegExpr engine
  • Fix: menu checkmarks in “View / Split tab” were not updated ok

Changes in version 1.163.0:

  • Add: new command “add next occurrence of selected text (not whole-word)”
  • Add: new command “skip next occurrence of selected text”
  • Add: Windows (10 and 11): auto-set window title color to dark
  • Fix: file with XML/Python encoding signature could not be re-read in different cpXXXX encoding
  • Fix: hotkeys were not initiated completely for .txt files in a project’s session

Changes in version 1.162.5:

  • Add: on editing of a line, which is start of a folded block, do unfolding of that block
  • Add: plugin Comments: support ‘Line comment’ commands if ‘line comment’ chars are absent, but ‘range comment’ chars are present; eg in CSS
  • Add: plugin Insert Time: added format ‘unix’ (Unix-time), it will be added to config after you delete the config + restart the app
  • Fix: issue with “ui_one_instance”:true on a multi-user Linux/Unix system
  • Fix: issue with too greedy folding with “auto_fold_comments” in Nim lexer

Version number 1.167.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website CudaText
License type GPL
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