Software Update: Caliber 4.8.0

The eighth update for version 4.0 of Caliber has been released. Caliber is an open source ebook management program and is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Among other things, it can look up all relevant information and cover images, and convert e-books to make them suitable for the various types of e-readers. Furthermore, the program can convert newspapers, magazines and news articles based on RSS feeds into e-book format. Books can also be purchased with Caliber at the well-known web stores. In version 4.0 we find a completely renewed Content Server, there is a new e-book viewer and Qt WebKit has been replaced by Qt WebEngine. In version 4.8.0 we find, among other things, a dark mode.

New features

  • Viewer in flow mode: Add auto-scrolling which can be triggered from the viewer controls and also make smooth scrolling by pressing down the arrow keys configurable.
  • Viewer: Allow showing data in left and right margins in addition to headers/footers. Close tickets: 1855121.
  • Viewer: Allow right clicking in the lookup panel to zoom in/out. Close tickets: 1857989.
  • Viewer: Allow setting colors for the margins when creating new color schemes in Preferences->Colors
  • Viewer: Ctrl+, to show preferences.

Bug fixes

  • PDF Output: Fix extracting text from generated PDFs not working if more than 100 characters per font are used in the text. Close tickets: 1857886.
  • macOS: Fix viewer controls not using system UI font.
  • Viewer: Fix images not being rendered at certain sizes when they are the only content on the page in paged mode with single page per screen. Close tickets: 1857803.
  • Viewer: Fix svg links not working. Close tickets: 1857812.
  • Viewer: Fix a bug that could allow maliciously crafted EPUB files to read data from files on the computer. Thanks to dozernz for discovering this attack vector. Close tickets: 1857800.
  • macOS: Fix regression in previous release that caused link color to be light blue even when not using dark color themes.
  • RTF Output: Fix a regression that slowed down conversion of images.Closes tickets: 1857732.
  • Server viewer: Make the Exit full screen action available in viewer controls.Closes tickets: 1857677.
  • Viewer: Fix error when trying to change more than a single keyboard shortcut at once. Close tickets: 1858117.
  • Fix typo causing a harmless error message when downloading covers and only a single cover is found.

Improved news sources

  • London Review of Books

Version number 4.8.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
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License type GPL