Software update: Bulk Crap Uninstaller 4.8

 Bulk Crap Uninstaller logo (75 pix) Klocman Software has released version 4.8 of Bulk Crap Uninstaller. With this program, which is released under an open source license, various programs and Windows Store apps can be removed from the computer at once. It first executes the standard removal procedure and then scans the computer for leftover shortcuts and registry keys to delete them. Afterwards, external programs such as CCleaner can also be started. Finally, it contains a start-up manager, with which programs that can be masters with Windows can be switched off. The following improvements have been made in this publication:

Additions and improvements

  • Added scanning or drive roots for common application folders
  • Added detection or scanning removable drives for portable applications
  • Added detection of PortableApps and LiberKey portable app stores
  • Added option to disable highlighting or special uninstallers
  • Added more descriptive error message when opening invalid uninstall lists
  • supported cultures
  • Added cache stat logging
  • Improved connection of applications
  • Replaced references to CCleaner with BleachBit
  • Specified support for Windos 10 in application manifest
  • Standardized UpdateHelper I / O and error codes , fixes some crashes


  • Fixed store apps not being cached properly
  • file paths causing errors
  • Fixed possible NullRef crash when saving settings
  • Fixed nullref crash in TryCacheItem
  • Fixed invalid InstallLocations crashing AudioPolicy junk scan
  • Fixed double dots in log file names
  • Fixed crash when trying to get invalid cache entry
  • Fixed crash when scanning services caused by WMI problems
  • Fixed crash when closing UninstallProgressWindow with reboot prevention