Software Update: AlmostVPN 0.9.2

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AlmostVPN 0.9.2 has recently been released for the Mac OS X platform. The program is a Preference Panel to configure different ssh tunnels and uses launchd to control these ssh tunnels. In addition, it can import tunnel definitions from the SSH Tunnel Manager and SSHKeychain programs. With this program you can easily mount remote volumes via an SSH tunnel. The list of adjustments looks like this:

What Was Fixed Since 0.9:

  • Ticket #52. In case when AlmostVPN detected problem with configuration: message the same in case of start or stop
  • Ticket #51. TestAccount button should be disabled/enabled in the same time as start/stop
  • Ticket #50. Drives want mount under Panther
  • Ticket #48. Start at login” settings are getting lost when new profile gets created
  • Ticket #46. Import form SSH Tunnel Manager swaps port numbers.
  • Ticket #47. AlmostVPN Widget takes CPU cycles even when it is hidden

Version number 0.9.2
Operating systems macOS
Website LeapingBytes
File size


License type Freeware
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