Snipping Tool in Windows 11 will have the option to record video in the future

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Microsoft’s Snipping Tool will soon be able to create videos from the desktop in Windows 11. Until now, the Xbox Game Bar app had to be activated and used for this.

Exactly when the feature will come to the Snipping Tool is unknown. Until now, the Game Bar was the only official way to make a video capture of the desktop or games. As the name suggests, it’s more gaming oriented, though that doesn’t mean it’s unsuitable for desktop shooting. That writes including Windows Central.

The Snipping Tool is a further development of the basic functionality of the printscreen button. This allows a window, screen, rectangle or freely drawn shape to be captured as an image on the notepad. For that, the shortcut is Win+shift+S.

In addition to the Game Bar, there are alternatives such as OBS, Nvidia GeForce Experience, AMD Radeon Software and the Intel Graphics Command Center. However, the inclusion of video in the Snipping Tool would be the most accessible way of desktop video recording to date.

Microsoft also casually showed a floating taskbar for Windows 11. However, apart from a frame in a video, nothing further has been officially announced.

Image: Microsoft via Windows Central

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