Maker of Stadia-exclusive Outcasters says he has no plans for port

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The developer of Outcasters, a game exclusively available for Google Stadia, reports that the game is unlikely to come to other platforms. After Stadia has gone offline, the game will no longer be playable.

Developer Splash Damage reports that it “has no plans at this time” to bring Outcasters to other platforms. This is because the game is “designed and built as a Stadia exclusive and many of its systems are heavily platform dependent,” which would make porting to another platform much more complex. Nevertheless, the studio says it “strongly believes that cloud gaming has a bright future.”

Google announced at the end of September that it still wants to pull the plug on Google Stadia. The service would not have gotten the number of players that Google had hoped for. Many Stadia games are also available on other platforms, but Google also had some exclusive titles, including Outcasters. Without an intervention, they will perish along with Stadia and can never be played again.

Closing Google Stadia raises several issues. An obvious one, about the money players have put into it, has been answered immediately: players will be refunded the money for their hardware and game purchases. Google has not yet announced whether it will release bluetooth drivers for the controller, but says to look at it. Without those drivers, the controller can only be used wired.

Another issue is about migrating savegames. In some cases this can be done via Google Takeout, but this does not work for every game and is not always clear. Developers are trying to fix this, CD Projekt RED shared a step-by-step plan for players to save their Cyberpunk 2077 saves. Destiny developer Bungie also looking at the case and Ubisoft wants to transfer the games to its own Connect platform in any case, but the save games are still uncertain here. The player who is in danger of losing 5,900 hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer progress has still not been helped by Rockstar Games and Google. He is started again with the online mode on the PlayStation 5.

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