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Snapchat has two new Spectacles models in the making

Snapchat continues to work on the Spectacles the photo glasses that was introduced in 2016 and which was initially wildly popular because of the limited availability. That while after the first hype they had overestimated the question and stayed with a lot of the glasses.

So there is now a version two, so documents leaked from the FCC, the American communication authority. After it was spotted by Variety it became clear that the ‘wearable video camera’ hit a new photo lens, but Snapchat itself does not want to say anything about it at the moment. We do not know how the thing will look like or what exactly you can do with it. It is a version two, there is now support for the faster 802.11ac Wifi and that does not stop there.

More expensive model in the making

According to rumors, two new Spectacles would be in the making: a slightly improved version of the first one (that will be this one) and a much more exciting one with the dual camera and GPS support $ 300 would be sold.

It all seems very ambitious, considering the effort Snapchat has had with selling the first version of the Spectacles. Whether the innovations in the new glasses will make so much difference is still the question. Now it is true that finding a product in the FCC database is not the same as seeing it on the shelves. At Snapchat, they have to wear a very pink photo glasses when they bring new versions of a product to the market where they have had to write off 40 million for [stock] because of unsold stock

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