10 nostalgic series (from the 80s) that you would like to see on Netflix

 Netflix is working hard to develop and produce its own Originals Series. Something that they certainly should not stop. From La Casa de Papel to House of Cards and Stranger Things . All top series. But occasionally it is also nice to look back at some series from the past. Piece of nostalgia. You also grew up in the 80s. Then you will undoubtedly know all the following legendary series. From us they can all appear on Netflix in order to be able to bap nice during a rainy day.

1. The A-Team

Of course, this series belongs to place 1. It is not just more actors who have become heroes. The four veterans from Vietnam. Hannibal, Face, B.A. Barackus and Murdock, to hire if you are in trouble. And with a now world-famous and addictive tune, taaa-ta-ta-taaa ta-ta-taaa.
Incidentally, the series evoked a lot of controversy at the time (1980s). Especially because of the level of violence. But that is all right now. Despite the many explosions, bullets and fights that pass by, only one person is dead in the entire series.

2. Airwolf

Of course, Airwolf can not be missing in this list. A series that was between 1984 and 1987. In the lead, Airwolf, a secret, high-tech supersonic military helicopter, and his crew Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic Santini.

3. Knight Rider

Knight Rider also an American TV series from the 1980s, starring David Hasselhoff aKa Michael Knight. And of course his buddy Kitt, a technically very advanced self-driving and self-thinking car. Michael Knight was a kind of modern knight and working for FLAG (Foundation for Law And Government). And this series also has such a wonderful catchy tune as an intro.

4. Tour of Duty

A (again American) drama series about the Vietnam War. Broadcast between 1987 and 1990. Also known from the title song, which was from the second episode Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones.
In total there are 3 season. In the first season, the peloton belongs to the 196th Light Infantry Brigade with base camp Chu Lai. In the second season, the peloton can be seen as part of MACV (Military Assistance Command Vietnam), stationed at Air Base Tân Sơn Nhứt Saigon. And in the third and last season they are in Camp Barnett, a Special Forces Camp where they are added to the Special Forces Group because of a shortage of men.
It was an innovative series because there were regular serious injuries and also dead . Social problems such as racism, suicide, war crimes and drug use were also discussed.

5. The Dukes of Hazzard

In the lead, of course, Bo and Luke Duke. The story takes place in the countryside of Hazzard County. The Dukes often quarrel with the corrupt mayor Boss Hogg and Sherrif Rosco P. Coltrane. Well, known are the chases where the Dukes drive in the so-known orange Dodge Charger.

6. Married with Children

No action but a good old American sitcom. Good for 11 seasons and a total of 262 episodes. In the leading role, shoe vendor Al Bundy, his wife Peggy, daughter Kelly and son Bud.

7. M.A.S.K.

Also, animated series can not be missed. In this case one that is sometimes missing in the lists from the 80s. M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) is a cross between the popular cartoon series G.I. Joe and Transformers. A team of secret agents with special vehicles takes it under the leadership of Matt Trakker against the criminal organization V.E.N.O.M, which is led by Mayhem.

8. MacGyver

At the sight of Richard Dean Anderson I can only think of one thing: “Hey, that’s MacGyver.” The original series is good for about 139 episodes. And the title of the series is also the name of the protagonist. A remake has already been made. But that really can not match the original MacGyver.

9. Magnum, P. I.

Magnum, P.I. a series about the adventures of Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck), a private detective in Hawaii. Selleck and supporting actor John Hillerman (as Higgins) each won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe for their roles.

10. ALF

And we close the list with another sitcom. ALF. This American comedy series was coined by Paul Fusco, and consisted of 102 episodes. The series was a great success in the United States and after that an even greater success in many European countries. Again, the title is the name of the protagonist, ALF, an alien who has fled from his home planet Melmak. With his spaceship he crashes into the garage of the Tanner family .

According to you, there is still a series that should not be missing in this list and that you would also like to see on Netflix again. Let us know below!