Smart door opener Nello One continues to function after acquisition by Sclak

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The German maker of the smart door opener Nello One has been taken over by the Italian Sclak. The German company filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, which threatened to partially shut down the openers, but if users upgrade their app, that’s gone.

The makers of the Nello One, Locumi Labs, have informed customers about the acquisition. Sclak is an Italian manufacturer of smart door openers, with which the company focuses on AirBnB use, among other things. Soon there will be an update for the Nello One app, the makers promise. If customers implement this, they can continue to use their smart lock.

With the update, customers will be asked whether Locumi Labs may transfer their personal data to Sclak. Continued use of the Nello One is dependent on that permission, the company emphasizes. Without permission ‘the functionality of the app will expire’, the email states.

The Nello One is a smart opener that is linked to intercom systems. Locumi Labs has been bankrupt since July and was looking for an investor or buyer, but couldn’t seem to find one. As a result, the Nello servers threatened to be shut down, resulting in loss of functionality for customers.

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