Skybound Games releases final episode of The Walking Dead on March 26

The very last episode of Telltales The Walking Dead will be released on March 26. However, the game is no longer being developed by Telltale, but by a group of ex-Telltale developers at publisher Skybound games. Skybound also shows a new teaser of the episode.

Skybound Games is responsible for finishing the last two episodes of the fourth season of The Walking Dead. The series still follows Clementine, the girl who has played a role since the first season of the game series. Clem is now a bit older and tries to find a shelter with young AJ that will protect them from both the living and undead threats in the game world. However, the franchise is known for allowing important and beloved characters to simply die, so it remains to be seen whether the story ends well.

Telltales The Walking Dead is a game series that places a lot of emphasis on players’ choice and can perhaps best be described as an ‘interactive story’. Players have a degree of influence on the course of the story in the form of the choices they make in conversations, but also the concrete actions they take in the world.

Game developer Telltale Games first released the comic book based game series in 2013. The game received a warm welcome from gamers and reviewers alike. In 2018, however, it was announced that Telltale had laid off more than 90 percent of its workforce and that the studio was closing due to a lack of investors.

The episode will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and on Windows via the Epic Games Store. This last episode is part of the fourth season, which is for sale for 19.99 euros.