Seagate Introduces Modular Storage System for Enterprises and Data Centers

Seagate is launching a modular storage system for businesses and data centers. The Lyve Drive system consists of docks that can accommodate individual drives. These can then be placed in arrays. The whole functions as a kind of modular NAS.

The Lyve Drive system consists of ten products that together should make it easier to send data to servers. For example, Seagate comes with Lyve Drive Cartridges. These are single storage drives with u2 interface. In addition, the company comes with Lyve Drive Cards. These are removable CFexpress cards with up to 1TB of storage space and a PCI-e 3.0 interface, which in turn can be placed in a Lyve Drive Cardreader. A single 3.5″ HDD or four 2.5″ SSDs fit in the Drive Shuttle.

Seagate also shows two storage arrays for the Lyve Drive system, which can function as a kind of NAS. Seagate, for example, comes with a Modular Array, with four hot-swap bays for cartridges or card readers. The company also comes with a Lyve Drive Mobile Array. This offers space for six HDDs. At CES, Seagate will show a demo containing six 3.5″ Exos HDDs with a capacity of 18TB.

Furthermore, the Lyve Drive system consists of a Rack Mount Receiver. This is a 4u rackmount-sized server module that fits two of the aforementioned arrays. From this hub, users can then offload their data to other servers in a data center. With the exception of the Rack Mount Receiver, shipping containers are also available for all products, which can be used to safely transport the Lyve Drive products. Seagate has not yet announced pricing and availability of the Lyve Drive system.

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