Seagate Introduces 20TB Version of SkyHawk AI HDD

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Seagate announces a 20TB version of its SkyHawk AI HDD. These HDDs are designed for video storage and analysis. The 20TB HDD, according to Seagate, on the market this month and will cost $ 530.

According to the manufacturer, the SkyHawk AI HDDs are in particular intended for surveillance applications. The HDDs are designed for network video recorders used for video imaging and analysis.

The 20TB SkyHawk AI supports up to 64 HD video streams and 32 AI streams, according to Seagate. The AI ​​channels are used to recognize people, vehicles or objects on surveillance images. The drive is equipped with Seagate’s ImagePerfect firmware. This should ensure that there is no frame loss and that the drive can withstand a heavy workload.

The drives have an MTBF rating of two million hours and a workload of 550TB per year. They also use cmr and helium. The drive has a continuous transfer rate of 260MB per second with a cache of 256MB.

HDDs of 18TB and smaller were already available in the SkyHawk AI line. The manufacturer also has a ‘regular’ 20TB HDD available and would already supply 22TB drives to certain customers. These types of HDDs usually cost more than 500 euros.

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