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Screen division Mac: so you look at the screen remotely

On the Mac you can watch and possibly take over a screen for everyone, so also for you. The easiest way to do this is with Screen Sharing through the Messages program. In this workshop we explain what you need to take over for the Mac remotely.

Take over the Mac screen

Sometimes it is useful if you can look at someone’s monitor remotely – or vice versa, that someone looks at what there is happening on your screen. For example because you work on a project, or because you just want to show someone something nice. Or because you have to help a friend or family member with a computer problem. In nine steps we explain how it works:

1. Open Messages

 Screen Sharing Mac

Open Messages on the Mac and go to the chat with the person you want to share a screen with. Open the ‘Details’ in the top right corner and click on the screen division button (with the two blocks).

2. Watching someone else

 Screen sharing Mac

With ‘Invite to share my screen’, ask the other person to look at your screen. But we are just looking at someone else: choose ‘Ask for sharing screen’.

3. Meanwhile on the other Mac

 Screen division Mac

While you wait, the above message appears on the Mac of your conversation partner. Ask him or her to click on ‘Accept’ – if he trusts you at least

4. Screen division

 Screen division Mac

The other person gets two options. He can immediately give you permission to take over the Mac completely. That is a bit drastic. Have him or her choose “Observe My Screen” first.

5. Mac remote capture

 Screen division Mac

And bam: the screen of the other appears on your Mac! You can watch everything that happens. And note: the microphone is switched on immediately, so you can also give an oral explanation

6. Designate

 Take over the Mac screen

Do you want to indicate where the other should click? Click with your mouse on that part of the screen. The cursor changes into a magnifying glass and that is also visible in the other person.

7. Need more help?

 Take over the Mac screen

Does not the other person come out, despite typed and spoken instructions and the magnifying glass? Time to click on ‘Control’ on the top left of your screen and take over the Mac.

8. Take over

 Take over the Mac screen

The other person has to accept that you take over the control of the Mac, but after that you can also change everything – System Preferences, open apps, switch off the Mac …

9. Stop Screen Sharing

 Take over Mac screen

Finished? Click on ‘Screen Sharing> Stop Screen Sharing’. If the other person is fed up with it, then he can also stop screen sharing, via the blue blinking icons in the menubar.


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