The 4 things that successful B2B webshops have in common

What do you need as a company to have the best B2B webshop in the industry? To answer this question, we look at four things that the best B2B webshops have in common.

A strong B2B webshop is:

  1. Informational
  2. Easy to use
  3. Personalized
  4. Well designed [19659007] Read here what this means in practice and how to apply this within your own (future) B2B webshop.

    1. Successful B2B webshops: provide the right information

    Every webshop has to make it easy for visitors to make the right decision . And your (potential) customers need the correct information for that.
    For B2B webshops this may even be more than for B2C webshops. Business customers and buyers need extensive information and documentation, at every stage of the buying process.
    How do you best approach this?
    A good place to start is to take stock of the information you already offer. Perhaps the correct product data are already available for customers but the product descriptions are still missing. Or maybe the product images are outdated and far from optimal. Start with an overview of what is already there, what is missing and then develop a plan of action.
    What should not be missing:

    • Technical information
    • Product specifications
    • Price information
    • Contact information

    Would you like more information? Think about it:

    • Whitepapers
    • Blog articles
    • Product brochures
    • Reference cases
    • Videos
    • Webinars

    The information in the webshop must of course also be found by potential visitors, so take into account SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Good webshop software for B2B therefore offers tooling or add-ons to ensure that you can track and measure this easily and accurately.

    2. Successful B2B webshops: easy to use

    B2B customers are not waiting for a complex navigation that they have to decipher before they can use the web shop properly, or find the information they need.
    It is therefore important that a webshop is easy to use.
    And navigation plays a very central role in this. Most visitors use the menu bar to navigate through the web shop. A clear and well-structured menu bar is therefore a good place to start optimizing ease of use.
    Because B2B companies usually deal with complex and extensive ranges, it is wise to offer good search functionalities within the webshop. Smart filters and sorting systems make it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. With a user-friendly webshop as a result.

    3. Successful B2B webshops: are personalized

    A personal approach is an indispensable part of the (offline) business for many B2B companies. So why not also online?
    A personalized revolves around creating and maintaining a good, personal relationship with customers. You can do this within the webshop by offering customers a customized experience .
    Think of fully personalized prices within the webshop, personalized product catalogs, personalized e-mails …
    And all this information must be correct and equally good from every channel. Whether the information is offered via e-mail, via someone from the sales team or via the webshop. In short, a omnichannel strategy is also central to B2B e-commerce.
    Tip 1: Allow customers to create an account. This allows them to track their order history, view prices and discounts, and view stocks and payments.
    Tip 2: Go one step further with the omnichannel approach. An integrated webshop ensures that customers can always stay up-to-date. Whether they have ordered online, by phone or in the store, their order data should always be available via the online portal.

    4. Successful B2B webshops: are well designed

    Appearance is essential. Webshop design is therefore indispensable for attracting (and retaining!) New customers and customers. The most successful B2B webshops learn from B2C webshops . They are therefore tightly designed, and have a modern, clear and simple design.
    Because of the complexity that many B2B companies have to deal with, a good B2B webshop must have a logical layout. And in addition, the most successful webshops can also be used equally well via a mobile or tablet. If you do not take mobile into account, this can have negative consequences for your findability.
    When optimizing the design of the webshop one thing is very important: do not lose sight of the brand identity and overall branding . So keep making sure that the webshop fits well with what you want to carry out as an organization.
    Priorities and next steps

    In summary, best B2B webshops provide:

    • Optimized product information and content on the site
    • Smart navigation
    • A personalized buying experience
    • Good, sleek and simple design

    Does your organization already have a B2B Online store? Then the webshop software supplier can in most cases certainly help you optimize the webshop. Take, for example, together this list and ask for the ways they can help.