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Samsung TVs will support iTunes and AirPlay 2

A few years ago you probably would not have believed it: Samsung TVs will get the iTunes app and support for AirPlay 2 in the future. Samsung announced this during CES 2019.

iTunes and AirPlay 2 on Samsung smart TVs

New smart TVs from Samsung will be equipped with new features from this spring. TV’s from 2018 get a firmware update and are again completely up to date. With iTunes you can use your existing iTunes library on a Samsung smart TV. You can also buy and rent films and series directly from your TV, including 4K HDR content. And thanks to AirPlay 2 support, you can play videos, photos and music from your Apple device directly from your iPhone or Mac – you then pass your screen to that of your television.

Multiple brands?

iTunes is coming available in 100 countries, AirPlay 2 in 190. It is not yet clear whether other brands will join Samsung. On the AirPlay-page of Apple, ‘Coming soon’, that leading TV manufacturers – plural – AirPlay 2 will integrate into their TVs. There is no further talk about iTunes here.

The fact that Apple makes this move is not entirely surprising. Last week Apple gave a sales warning, but emphasized that services such as the App Store, Apple Music and iTunes are doing particularly well. By 2020, that industry must have doubled compared to 2016. An expansion of the channels is therefore obvious

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