Samsung to put iris scanners in mobile products

Samsung will use iris scanners in ‘mobile products’, presumably smartphones and tablets. For this, the group has an exclusive license to ‘Iris on the Move’ from the American Stanford Research Institute. The first product is a modified TabPro 8.4.

The intention is that Samsung will use the iris scanner in more products, according to the announcement from SRI. It is not yet known which products these are and when that will happen.

The first product is a modified version of the Galaxy TabPro 8.4 with built-in iris scanner. It is not visually useful for unlocking with an iris scan, for example, because the scanner seems to be at the back. SRI also speaks of ‘business-to-business applications’ for the technology.

Samsung and SRI are not alone in the mobile market with iris scanners. For example, the Chinese manufacturer ZTE showed its first phone with an iris scanner at the telecom fair Mobile World Congress and Fujitsu showed a well-functioning prototype.