Samsung sees strong increase in tablet sales

Samsung has sold many more tablets in the past three months. The manufacturer owes this to the release of the Tab3 series and the new Note 10.1 2014 edition. Demand for smartphones decreased slightly, the manufacturer reports.

According to Samsung itself, the decreased demand for smartphones was due to the fact that it had to get rid of unsold inventory from the previous quarter and the effect of strong growth in the summer. After Nokia, Samsung is the second smartphone manufacturer in a short time to sell fewer smartphones compared to the previous quarter.

Analysts expect sales of Apple, which will announce its figures Monday evening, that sales will have risen sharply. Samsung probably benefited in any case from the new iPhones; the manufacturer’s semiconductor division reports increased sales of application processors as a “key customer” released new products. The outlook states that demand for processors will decline due to “stock adjustments” by the company’s customers.

Tablet sales, on the other hand, are improving, thanks to the release of the Tab3 line and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, Samsung said in the presentation of the quarterly figures. According to Samungs, this growth was mainly due to people buying more Samsung tablets in the United States and Europe. While demand is likely to fall, Samsung is trying to grow tablet sales through a number of new models, including the expensive NotePRO 12.2 and the inexpensive Tab 3 Lite.

TV sales rose sharply at the South Korean manufacturer. The number of smart TVs sold rose 63 percent from the previous quarter, while the number of TVs with a screen diagonal of 60″ or more increased by 80 percent. After a slightly more difficult next quarter, Samsung expects the TV market to improve this spring. Samsung’s net profit rose by 5.4 percent to almost 4.9 billion euros converted to almost 4.9 billion euros.