Samsung makes Exynos Auto V9 soc for car infotainment systems

Samsung is working on the Exynos Auto V9, a processor aimed at use in in-vehicle infotainment systems for cars. German car manufacturer Audi will use the system-on-a-chip in 2021.

The Exynos Auto V9 will feature eight Cortex A76 cores at 2.1GHz. This is the new Cortex generation that ARM announced last year that should offer “laptop performance”. The GPU setup consists of three Mali G76 video chips, for driving up to six screens, including the central information system and the screens for entertainment in the back seat.

In addition, the soc contains four audio processors and a neural processing unit for, among other things, image recognition. There is also a shielded core certified for Level B functions of the Automotive Safety Integrity Level standard. Furthermore, the Exynos chip for cars will not only support lpddr4 but also the upcoming lpddr5.