Samsung delivers new TVs with remote control that can charge via radio waves

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Samsung shows a new version of its Eco Remote. In addition to a solar cell, the new remote control is equipped with technology that can extract energy from radio waves from routers. The built-in battery can also be charged via USB-C.

Samsung has not yet released technical details about its new Eco Remote, but told The Verge and other American media that the remote control can generate energy from radio waves from routers. It would be radio waves already present, which are not specifically broadcast to charge the remote control.

The technology that Samsung uses in its remote control is not new. Radio frequency energy harvesting is already widely used in RFID tags and is also used to power electronic implants. This involves small amounts of energy. It is not known how much energy Samsung’s remote control can get from radio waves.

Instead of AAA batteries, the Samsung Eco Remote has a built-in battery. It can also be charged via the solar cell on the back. There is also a USB-C port to quickly charge the battery.

Samsung will ship the updated Eco Remote with all 2022 TVs, according to CNET. In addition to a black version, there is also a white version. According to Samsung, it fits better with the design TVs in the The Frame, The Serif and The Sero series.

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