Canonical wants to focus more on gaming with Ubuntu

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Canonical has internally created the Desktop Gaming Product Manager position and is looking for a candidate for it. The feature is part of Canonical’s commitment to making Ubuntu ‘the best Linux desktop for gaming’ in what it claims to be.

The Desktop Gaming Product Manager Canonical is looking for should set up the product strategy for gaming and increase the use of Ubuntu for gaming. The manager will be responsible for development and collaborations in chips and gaming. Canonical reports that the collaborations should ensure the integration of the latest graphics drivers and therefore optimal frame rates and latency. The company also mentions working on the availability of anti-cheat systems.

The gaming manager must go on to tell ‘Ubuntu’s story for gamers’. There have been more initiatives in the past to push Ubuntu forward for gaming. In 2012, Valve recommended the Linux distribution when it introduced Steam for Linux. In 2019, Valve threatened to end support for Ubuntu following Canonical’s decision to end 32-bit support for Ubuntu 19.10. That decision was reversed after heavy criticism. According to OMG Ubuntu, Linux gamers today are more likely to opt for distros that update kernel and graphics drivers faster than Ubuntu, such as Arch Linux.

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