Samsung confirms not to release 3D TVs in 2016

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No TV that Samsung will release in 2016 can display 3D, the company confirms. With that, the 3D display in the living room seems to die a silent death. In addition, Samsung also releases flat variants of most new curved screens.

The complete cessation of 3D TVs in 2016 has been confirmed by Samsung against, among others, Homecinema Magazine and the French “In 2015, we started the transition and stopped supplying glasses with 3D TVs. Customers could receive glasses for free on request. No one really contacted us,” explains Jérôme Neiss, TV product manager at Samsung France. to interest again.

That Samsung and LG wanted to phase out 3D TVs was rumored last week by ET News, which has a mediocre track record with rumors. The site based itself on the fact that Samsung had not ordered new 3D glasses. LG would like to halve its offer of 3D TVs. A few years ago, 3d was one of the features that manufacturers advertised heavily to market their TVs, but manufacturers have now turned to hdr and 4k.

During a press conference in Monaco, Samsung would also have announced that of all high-end models that will appear in 2016, in addition to a curved model, there will also be a flat variant, except for the 9500 series. The 9500 series is Samsung’s top model with full LED backlight. In late 2015, Samsung started offering flat versions of some Curved models, after all the high-end models were Curved TVs earlier that year.

Samsung also revealed, according to Homecinema Magazine, that the company’s first UHD-Blu-ray player, the UBD-K8500, will appear at the beginning of April and will cost 499 euros. Heise reports that the DMP-UB900 from Panasonic, which can also play ultra-HD BD discs, is for sale at Swiss web shops for 850 to 950 Swiss francs, which is converted from 775 to 865 euros. This player would appear on April 11, whether the converted prices are indicative of the euro prices in the Benelux is not yet known.

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