Samsung applies for design right for design tablet with curved edges

Samsung has applied for a design right for the design for a tablet with curled edges on the sides. Judging by the design features, this is not a tablet in an existing Samsung product line.

The drawings were discovered by phoneArena on the website of the US patent organization USPTO, which has approved the application. The drawings show a tablet without a home button. It is therefore probably not the Galaxy Tab 4. The tablet shown has curved edges on the left and right, probably to make it easier to hold the device.

It is possible that it is a new Nexus tablet, but it is unknown whether Samsung will make it. PhoneArena draws that conclusion based on the lack of a home button, but this was not yet available on tablets from the South Korean manufacturer at the time of the application. Samsung reports little in the application, only that it concerns the design of a tablet. The design shows similarities with the Flyer, a tablet that HTC released in 2011 that also has a curvature in the housing at the top and bottom.

The application dates from 2012 and does not prove that Samsung will actually release a tablet with this design. Large companies often apply for many more patents and patents than they apply to products, to prevent other companies from running off with ideas about technologies or a specific design.