Facebook releases Messenger for Windows Phone

Facebook has released its Messenger for Windows Phone. Microsoft said a few weeks ago that the application was coming. Chatting via Facebook is also baked into Windows Phone.

The built-in Facebook chat function works in Windows Phone via the Messages app, but doesn’t support group conversations and is also rumored to be disappearing from Windows Phone 8.1, the upcoming update to the platform; Microsoft would replace the integration with a bundled Facebook app.

Messenger is Facebook’s own first app for Windows Phone; the social network previously released an app for Windows 8.1, but Microsoft is the publisher of the Facebook app for Windows Phone. The Messenger app adapts more to the Windows Phone interface than Microsoft’s Facebook app. For example, the live tile and the icon are not blue, but are made in the accent color that the user has chosen.

Unlike the Android and iOS versions, the app doesn’t work with ‘chat heads’, the feature where the app displays active chats in the foreground with a photo of the contact you’re chatting with. There are stickers in the app. Push notifications can work via the lockscreen, with toast notifications and the live tile.