Russian telecom watchdog threatens Twitter and Facebook fines

The Roskomnadzor, the Russian telecom watchdog, threatens to fine Twitter and Facebook for not storing Russian users’ data in Russia. The possible fine is not particularly high, but can eventually lead to a blockage.

A procedure has been launched to impose a fine on both companies. A representative of Twitter was present, but Facebook was absent, the Roskomnadzor reports on its website.

The demand to impose a fine has been sent to a court, after which it must be determined whether a fine will be imposed. This can be between 1 million and 6 million rubles, which is approximately 14,000 to 85,000 euros. That is not a high amount for both companies, but the procedures could eventually lead to a blockade of the services in Russia.

In Russia it is mandatory to store data of Russian users within national borders. LinkedIn previously did not meet this requirement, after which the Roskomnadzor instituted a blockade. Incidentally, the Roskomnadzor previously threatened to block Facebook.